My itinerary

I leave Australia on Monday 11 June – and arrive in Los Angeles on Monday 11 June.

My first stop is in Pasadena, Los Angeles. I’ll be visiting the Huntington Library, Art Galleries and Botanical Gardens. This visit is purely for the pleasure of visiting one of the world’s great research llibraries.

I head to the University of California at San Diego, to discuss the new Archivists Toolkit, a new open source software suit developed by a consortium of US universities. I’ll also be discussing some issues in digital archiving.

I fly to San Francisco at the end of my first week. I’ll be visiting RLG in Mountain View (Silicon Valley). I’ll be discussing ArchiveGrid, an RLG service providing access to the contents of thousands of archives.

A long hop to the east coast will take me to Boston, where I’ll be visiting special collections librarians and archivists at Harvard. Harvard has recently completed a major project to convert its textual finding aids to EAD, the international metadata standard for archival description. The contents of Harvard’s archival collections can be searched through the OASIS service.

From Boston, I’ll head to Kingston on the shores of Lake Ontario. I’ll be attending the conference of the Association of Canadian Archivists, and look forward to meeting colleagues from a similar jurisdiction.

Finally, I’ll head to Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa .

Then it’s back to San Francisco via Chicago for a rest day before flying back to Canberra at the beginning of July.


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