Back home

Finally, a couple of weeks after my return, I’ve cleaned up the blog by loading all my photos to Flickr and linking to them there.  More photos of my trip are at my Flickr trip set.

Communicating with others this way has definitely worked for me, and I plan to post from time to time on our progress with implementing the many learnings from my trip. But not any time soon – in another fortnight I head back to the US and Canada for a seven week touring holiday and although I’m still thinking about blogging that trip for friends and family, I think I’m more likely to have a technology-lite holiday and leave the laptop where it belongs.


One response to “Back home

  1. A seven weeks holiday in the USA and Canada! You ‘re a lucky one. Do let us know about it when you’re back home. I belong to the blogging archivist community and was very interested by your report about archives in Canada. So keep your blog rolling et bon voyage!

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